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Donna P. Ankerst    Matthias Neumair    
https://doi.org/10.6339/22-JDS1078  Pub. online: 23 November 2022  
Exploring Rural Shrink Smart Through Guided Discovery Dashboards
Denise Bradford    Susan VanderPlas
https://doi.org/10.6339/22-JDS1080  Pub. online:  15 December 2022   
Binary Classification of Malignant Mesothelioma: A Comparative Study
Ted Si Yuan Cheng   Xiyue Liao   
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1090  Pub. online: 14 February 2023  
Identifying Drone Web Sites in Multiple Countries and Languages with a Single Model
Piet Daas    Blanca de Miguel    Maria de Miguel 
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1087  Pub. online: 26 January 2023
Creating a Census County Assessment Tool for Visualizing Census Data
Isabel Youngs     Ronald Prevost    Christopher Dick 
https://doi.org/10.6339/22-JDS1082  Pub. online: 21 December 2022 
Causal Discovery for Observational Sciences Using Supervised Machine Learning
Anne Helby Petersen    Joseph Ramsey    Claus Thorn Ekstrøm    Peter Spirtes  
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1088  Pub. online: 13 March 2023
‘You Draw It’: Implementation of Visually Fitted Trends with r2d3
Emily A. Robinson    Reka Howard    Susan VanderPlas
https://doi.org/10.6339/22-JDS1083  Pub. online: 12 January 2023
Computing Pseudolikelihood Estimators for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
Christian S. Schmid    David R. Hunter
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1094  Pub. online: 15 March 2023
Assessment of Projection Pursuit Index for Classifying High Dimension Low Sample Size Data in R
Zhaoxing Wu    Chunming Zhang
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1096  Pub. online: 2 March 2023
Luca Sartore    Claire Boryan    Andrew Dau    Patrick Willis  
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1098  Pub. online: 31 March 2023
FROSTY: A High-Dimensional Scale-Free Bayesian Network Learning Method
Joshua Bang    Sang-Yun Oh
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1097  Pub. online: 14 March 2023 
Comparing Extreme Value Estimation Techniques for Short-Term Snow Accumulations
Kenneth Pomeyie    Brennan Bean    Yan Sun 
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1086  Pub. online: 25 January 2023
Random Forest of Interaction Trees for Estimating Individualized Treatment Regimes with Ordered Treatment Levels in Observational Studies
Justin Thorp    Richard A. Levine    Luo Li    Juanjuan Fan
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1084  Pub. online: 2 February 2023 
Building a Foundation for More Flexible A/B Testing: Applications of Interim Monitoring to Large Scale Data
Wenru Zhou    Miranda Kroehl    Maxene Meier    Alexander Kaizer
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1099  Pub. online: 21 April 2023 
Teaching Visual Accessibility in Introductory Data Science Classes with Multi-Modal Data Representations
JooYoung Seo    Mine Dogucu
https://doi.org/10.6339/23-JDS1095  Pub. online: 21 March 2023


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